Wool Carpets

Wool carpets not only provide luxury softness, they also have outstanding natural health benefits such as regulating air moisture. Wool is naturally resilient, retaining its height and shape and providing outstanding value for money. A versatile carpet, wool can be great for any rooms inside your home or your personal office.

Natural Quarry

Made from 100% wool, Natural Quarry provides designer style in a quality wool carpet. The textured loop pile pattern resembles tiny stones in a quarry, with the beauty and softness of 100% natural wool that you will want to sink your feet into!

Oriental Charm – Pure Silk

Oriental Charm is a stunning Wool Bamboo Fibre Blend carpet available in a range of eight fresh colours which reflect the latest trends in interior design. This cut pile twist carpet evokes glamour and is also delightfully smooth and soft to the touch, meaning it will bring both comfort and style to your home.

Great Sandy

An entirely modern Berber Hybrid, combining sophisticated style with rustic comfort and feel. It’s subtly-dyed woollen “Slubs” blend seamlessly with lightly heathered backgrounds to create a uniquely warm contemporary look.


  • 100% pure wool carpet
  • Refined level loop pile
  • Our homes come in different shapes and sizes now there’s an affordable wool carpet to suit them all.


This high quality wool carpet is warm, soft and luxurious with natural durable qualities. Stonefields is available in a rich range of colours that will bring life and luxury to your home interiors. Stonefields luxurious finish makes it ideal for living areas, bedrooms and family homes.

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