Carpet Tiles

Why Use Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles offer flexible options and allow for a wide variety of design choices. Even the fussiest of buyers can find a look that works for them with carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are also highly versatile, giving a great look to homes, businesses and public spaces alike.

As well as being versatile, carpet tiles are a highly practical choice, they are warm and comfortable to walk on, very cost effective and easy to install.

The benefits of carpet tiles are numerous, but some of the key reasons to consider carpet tiles are:

Stain Resistance

Because carpet tiles really are individual tiles, it is easy to quickly replace one tile or a series of tiles if they are overworn or stained. The problem area will simply be replaced, and the rest of the floor installation will be unaffected. In offices and homes there are often areas that are covered by furniture, so there is also the option to swap an unseen tile (for example, one that is permanently under the couch) with the one that has been stained.

Where the stain or mark is less severe, just remove the effected carpet tile, wash out the mark, and replace it. Many people also find it easier to wash their carpet when it has been removed from the floor, as it can be manipulated and investigated with ease.

Ease of Access

Often mounted TVs or electrical outlets will need to be accesses in order to be modified or moved. While a conventional rolling carpet doesn’t allow for this without disturbing a large portion of the carpet installation, a carpet tile installation makes it easy to access all areas of the floor without any big moves to the carpet needed.

Low Allergens

Allergens are a key consideration for many people when looking at potential carpet installations. A traditional carpet is made from wool or cotton and backed with jute and hessian natural fibre. It will also generally be sitting on top of a carpet underlay. Both the underlay and the carpet generate their own microscopic particles that easily build up fibres that irritate many people’s sinuses.

Whether you’re designing a commercial or private space, carpet tiles provide many benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. From cost effectiveness to how customisable they are to design and easy to upkeep, carpet tiles are a great choice for many properties.