Laminate Flooring

What is Laminate?

There are three main parts to laminate flooring. The first is the base, which is sealed to keep it sturdy and moisture resistant.

The second layer is the core, and the thickest part of the laminate. This layer is made of water resistant high-density fibreboard (HDF).

What we see is the third, or top, layer of the laminate. The surface layer features a photographic image of wood, which is covered by a clear, protective and highly scratch resistant coating.

Compared to its counterparts, laminate is a relatively new flooring material. The first laminate flooring was invented in 1977, but it wasn’t marketed to the European masses until 1984.

Since then, laminate has provided a cost efficient, stylish, versatile, easy to install, easy to clean and relatively environmentally friendly option for homes and businesses across the world.

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Surface Types

Once only available in a standard surface, laminate flooring now comes with a range of unique finishes.

A smooth surface that resembles hardwood can be achieved with a low, medium or high gloss finish, whereas a textured or embossed surface immediately enhances the character of a room. A hand-scraped finish creates an authentic antique aesthetic.

AC Rating

Usage and the expected level of foot traffic are factors that can determine the most suitable laminate flooring option. At Trevors we offer the higher-rated, more durable AC3 and AC4 commercial grades of laminate flooring:

AC3: Suitable for high-traffic residential areas (such as playrooms and hallways), and moderate-traffic commercial spaces (such as private offices and hotel rooms).

AC4: Suitable for all residential uses, and for high-traffic commercial spaces, from restaurants and shopping centres, to busy offices.

Looking after Laminate Flooring

Your Floor will provide years of enjoyment and enhancement to your home, but as with all flooring products some simple maintenance and care should be taken to preserve its beauty over time. Check out our Laminate flooring care guide document below.


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