Luxury Vinyl Planks


What are Vinyl Planks?

One of the most stable flooring products and the fast growing segment in flooring, highly durable vinyl planks suit residential and commercial applications, with residential lifetime warranties available. Much easier to repair than traditional tiles or timber, vinyl planks have a urethane seal that can be stripped back and resealed down the track, prolonging the life and quality of the flooring. At WA Carpet Supermarket we offer vinyl planks in varying thicknesses; there is something to suit every budget, with the thicker 4.5 – 5.0mm vinyl planks having excellent acoustic and thermal properties.

Vinyl planks have a hardwood or stone resemblance, with each style realistically imitating a certain type of floor covering. However while real hardwood – such as oak or hickory – is difficult to install and extremely costly, vinyl planks can be transported, installed and repaired with ease, and at a reasonable price that’s within your budget.

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Wondering Which Brand of Vinyl Planks is Right for You?

Do you want a patchwork effect or a more streamlined result? Do you need a thicker commercial application to reduce the impact of heavy objects? Below is our ‘go to’ list of trusted vinyl plank flooring suppliers.

Godfrey Hirst

Godfrey Hirst are known to by synonymous with style and durability. Their vinyl plank flooring options offer a water-resistant, durable finish, with a top layer for general wear and scratching. These floors are quiet, great for high traffic, and last a lifetime. Browse the range of Godfrey Hirst vinyl planks by clicking below.

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It was almost 40 years ago that Karndean began in the UK midlands. They’ve been in Australia for some time now and as a leading global provider of luxury vinyl flooring, deliver absolute quality, style and passion with their product.

Karndean’s Looselay flooring gives you all of the design and grain details you’d expect in a very easy application. Looselay secures firmly to any smooth, clean dry floor with its award-winning friction-grip backing. It’s also 100% recyclable.

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Looking after Vinyl Planks

Your floor will provide years of enjoyment and enhancement to your home, but as with all flooring products some simple maintenance and care should be taken. Check out our luxury vinyl plank care guide document below.


Everything You Need

There’s so much choice at WA Carpet Supermarket and our flooring consultants are ready to help you choose the best flooring option for you! Whether it be carpets, vinyl, or timber, we have the expertise to show you what will work best in your home. All of our flooring options make living and cleaning stress-free, with children and pet friendly options.

WA Carpet Supermarket proudly boast two locations, one in Osborne Park near Perth city, and one down in Bunbury. Whether you’re in the city, or out in the country, WA Carpet Supermarket has your flooring needs covered.

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